Department of Sociology

S V M Arts Science and Commerce College Ilkal

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology started with establishment this College in 1964 as minor Subject. It flourished well in 1970 as a Major Subject. Pioneers of the department were: Prof.Kanmadi, He was the founder of the Sociology department in this College, and Prof. H.B Mali, Prof. Kathare, Prof. Hosamani, who have not only helped to develop the Department But also added the new dimension to it. The Dept has help the students get Job in various fields. The Department has produced good number of meritorious students those who have perceived Post graduate education and we play a key role in the development of the Sociology into the new intellectual areas, social problems, and ethical dilemmas that face our society today.

COMBINATION OFFERED : "• Sociology-Economics" - "Sociology-Economics" - "English, History, Sociology"-"Sociology-Hindi"


  • To teach students the concepts, theories, and methods of the behavioral and social services.
  • To train students for positions in criminal justice, gerontology, social science and social welfare.
  • To update the knowledge of Students about recent trends and Issues at the Global level
  • To Develop sense of unity among the students by understanding cultural and social diversity of Indian Society
  • To Explain how the self develops sociologically and to explain the reciprocal relationships between the individual and society


To Understand the Socio-Cultural aspects of Society and To develop students by value based quality education


Promote scientific understanding of Social life through effective teaching


  1. Sociology-Economics,
  2. Sociology-Kannada,
  3. Sociology-English,
  4. Sociology-Hindi,
  1. Sociology-Economics,
  2. Sociology-Kannada,
  3. Sociology-English,
  4. Sociology-Hindi,
  • Understanding Sociology
  • Changing Social Institutions
  • Foundations of Sociological Theories
  • Sociology of Rural Life in India
  • Principles of Sociology
  • Study of Indian Society
  • Indian Social Thinkers
  • Study of Western Sociological Thought
  • Rural Development in India
  • Social Problems in India
  • Urban Society in India
  1. Make the students to acquaint with the Basic Concepts and Principles of Sociology.
  2. To study the Human Interactions and Relationships
  3. To understand the Diversities and Unity in Indian Society.
  4. To know the major segments in Society, the Traditions, Continuities and Changes taking place in Indian Society.
  5. The Sociological Perspective on Indian society, presented in this paper will enable students to gain a better understanding of their own situation and region.
  6. To understand the nature of Development of Social Thought.
  7. To get awareness about the Indian Thinkers, Sociologists and their Contributions.
  1. Understand the Basic knowledge of Indian society, and the social Research.
  2. Students will develop an understanding the reciprocal relationship b/w Individuals & Society.
  3. Sociology helps us to make an objective study of Social problems.
  4. Sociological knowledge is necessary for social planning & Policy making.
  5. Sociology provides for Teaching & other career opportunities
  1. Total number of books in the department: 55
  2. Total number of books in the college library at Sociology Department: 4068
  3. Journals N-List



  • Social researchers,
  • Public relations workers,
  • Administrators,
  • Community organizers,
  • Public policy researchers,
  • Data analysts.
  • Human Resources Manager.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Public Relations Specialist.
  • Social and Community Service Manager.
  • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists.
  • Social Worker.
  • Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselor.
  1. Student Seminars
  2. Presentations through PPTs, & Videos
  3. Celebration of Important Days
  4. Mentoring System
  5. Continuous evaluation
  6. Assignments
    1. Faculty members are donating Personal Books to the poor Students.
    2. Faculty members have paid admission fee to poor students.


Organized National level Webinar on “Higher Education for Development: Issues and Challenges’”

Recourse Person – Dr.Chandrika .K.B.

Professor, Dept of Sociology, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi.

President – Prof. G.Mallaiah.   Principal, SVM College, Ilkal.

  • Study Projects
  • Participation and presentation of papers in seminars