The need for Distance Education was felt and the IGNOU was formed by an act of Parliament, in 1985. To provide distance education in the North Karnataka region, S V M Arts Science and Commerce College Ilkal  Study Center  was established  and has provided a separate building, consisting of a library, lecturer halls, a modern seminar hall and a modern computer lab for IGNOU. Weekend classes as well as contact programmes are conducted. Highly versatile facility is provided to the students and a big collection of audio and video are available to them.

Course Offered

  • Master’s Degree : MBA,MCA,MBF, (3 YEARS) MEG, MHD (2 YEARS) MLTS (1 YEAR)
  • Bachelor’s Degree : BA, B.Com, B.Sc, BCA,BTS, BTCM (3 YEARS) BLIS (1 YEAR) BPP(6 MONTHS)
  • Diploma courses : DTS, DCE, DCH, DEC, DNHE, DAFA (1 YEAR)
  • Certificated courses : CTS, CFN, CAFÉ, CRD, CCP, CHR, CNCC, OG, CWED, CIC, CEC ( 6 MONTHS)

For enquiry,

please contact IGNOU study center @: S V M Arts Science and Commerce college Ilkal 587125

Tel: Off: (08351, 99999999, 90909000, 3232345432)

E-mail ID : svm@svmignou.com

Prospectus can also be downloaded from
website: www.ignou.ac.in
& Admission can also be taken through online

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