S V M Arts Science and Commerce College.

Shri Vijay Mahantesh Vidya Vardhak Sangha, one of the premier educational institutions of North Karnataka, was established in 1963 with the sole objective of bringing higher education to the door- steps of the poor parents who could not afford to educate their children. Thus came into being Shri Vijay Mahantesh Arts, Science and Commerce College, Ilkal as the first child and flagship of the Society. The sprawling campus of the society is spread over an area of 36 acres in the heart of city. For the last around five decades, the society has made outstanding progress by establishing the following Educational Institutions from KG to PG which have been imparting quality education and training to the students.

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About S V M College


S V M Arts Science and Commerce College

About the Library

The SVM Library established in the year 1964.All Students, faculty members of the institute are entitled to make use of the library facilities on taking library membership .The Library, besides having a huge collection of books on Arts, Science and commerce offers library services through its various Divisions

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life” ……Sidney Sheldon

Vision-To become the best archive library and vibrant technical library with best practice for knowledge, acquisition, sharing and act as outreach to faculty and students.

Mission – Library serves as a resource centre and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of document’s useful for faculty and students of the college and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.

AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS : The Seminar hall has LCD projector/slide projector/over head projector/models for making learning easier and interesting in different subjects

Digital Library Well equipped Digital library for U G and P G students for online viewing and research works in  Modern sciences. spreading about 2300 sq ft. and internet facilities are provided to them within the campus