It gives me immense pleasure to present before you a brief vision of our institution. The college is established in the year 1964 with a sole vision of providing educational opportunity to the socially, economically and educationally backward students of this part of land. I am proud to share with you that since the inception the college has realized its potential and encourage students towards brighter career and making them an asset to the society. The institution is on the right path and successfully heading towards realizing its vision and goals. At present the college runs UG courses in Arts, Science and Commerce and PG Courses in Kannada, Mathematics and Commerce. The faculty of the college is highly qualified and experienced more than 10 faculty members are Ph.D holders and 4 members have registered for Ph.D . Almost all the members are actively engaged in research activity. The college focuses on student centered activities, provides ample opportunities to exhibit their skills in academic and co-curricular activities. Re- accredited at ‘B’ level in the year 2010 we strive hard to build the students with knowledge and skill to build quality universe. The concentrated efforts of all the stake holders have enabled the college to be a holy center of learning.I, on behalf of my management, faculty and students welcome the fresher’s to the college and wish them all the best and bright future.

Dr. S. S. Awati


Our Objectives

1. To help students develop inquisitive minds and skills, giving them the ability to question and to argue rationally  and to apply themselves to variety of tasks.
2. To teach students about human aspiration and achievements in the area of Arts, Science, philosophy and an      unending search for a more just social order.
3. To provide a general Mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge to enable students to the essential skills needed in the fast – changing world.
4. To help student understand how a nation earns and maintains standards of living and to appreciate the essential role of industry and commerce in this process.
5. To help students understand the world in which we live.
6. To help students use language effectively and imbibe better communication skills.
7. To encourage students enhance their constructive and creative ability in the academic and non academic areas of achievements.
8. To instill in students the respect for moral values to the self and other people and tolerance to the other religions and different ways of life.


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Our S V M campuses are living laboratories for sustainability.
We try to provide a general Mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge to enable our students to get the essential skills needed in the fast – changing world.